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anyone else get a Q lately? it seems that its taking roughly 4 months from everyone I have heard from lately. The suspense is killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I submitted the paperwork for mine last October while I was still on the boat, and when I checked in to my current duty station in January, my Q was waiting for me.  The investigators did seem rather frustrated that I didn't keep track of more than a couple personal contacts from previous duty stations, or because I couldn't tell them the names of my neighbors.

What was the total time from SF86 submittal to approval to get your clearance?

Obtained my Q in 4 and a half months from Y-12, which is veery quick considering  I never held an L or Q before.(Was a Navy Nuke in the late 80's-early 90's with DOD secret). I believe they are now getting clearances done quicker under the new administration.

My OPM/FBI interview was in early Jan and my Q came through in late Mar.  I am told that the background check is much faster now than it once was, but it takes longer to get your actual badge because of the HSPD-12 policy.  But it all depends on how many places you have lived, worked, etc.  I think the average is about 3-4 months now though.  Hope this helps someone out there.  Be safe.


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