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Michael T. Shaffer "Snake" auto accident on 10/07/08.

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Hey there everyone!  :) I am doin' as good as I can...I hit an oak tree head-on in my F-150.  :( There was excess pea gravel on the bend and it was like being on ball bearings. I had no time to react, the truck slid...hit dead-on with the tree @ 40 mph!!  >:( My injuries are very serious.  :( I have a badly broken right hip, fractured pelvis, broken RT wrist, and my left hand punched through the windshield to boot!  >:( >:( :'( Check this out...I WAS WEARING A SEATBELT AND HAD AN AIRBAG!!! (some real extra protection there, eh?) Well, I hopefully will be back to full duty by the start of 2009. If ya would like to call me, my ICU phone # (412) 802- 3646.  :) I will be back to play in the game soon!  ;) I have faith in God. (I should have died).  :'( Whoa!  :D  Peace to all of yinz out there doin' the do! ;) ;D   - Snake.  8)

Sorry to hear about the accident.  Keep the faith brother!  ;)

Rest well, recover soon, know we are thinking and praying for you.


Mike McFarlin:
 Hang in there! Get well soon!  Spanky

Mike hang in there and things will get better. God only knows what he has in store for you. Glad you did make it threw the wreck. will add you to my prayer list. Brad

My thoughts & prayers are with you! I know all too well how tought it can be where you are. Still recovering from my MC crash, but getting stronger everyday. Keep your eyes ahead & reach for the next rung on the ladder of recovery. Hope it all goes well, keep us posted!  Tom


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