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Nuclear Maintenance Mechanic


Quick question. I've already done a seach on this forum for wages for a Nuclear Maintenance Mechanic. My questions are how much does a position like this pay and what kind of advancement opportunities exist. I am interviewing for this job shortly and would like to go in knowing something.  By the way, I'm a Navy Nuke MM1, EWS, Surface, Instructor..blah blah blah.... I am interviewing with the power company, not a contractor like Bartlett or whatever.

Smooth Operator:
Maintenance may be a good opportunity for advancement since many maint depts have lots of "seasoned" techs set to retire within 5 years or so.

You can advance to a section/shift leader/team leader, FIN team supervisor (Fix-It-Know), onward.

Depending on Bargaining Unit or Not, I would say starting rate mid-20s and topping mid-30s +/- a dollar here or there.


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