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I recently moved to a location without DSL or Cable internet.  Instead I have to use a Sprint Data card for internet.  This data card does a great job.  -- However, I have noticed NukeWorker and other sites load slower.  -- I then noticed that while I waiting for NukeWorker to load, Internet Explorers' phishing filter was checking the website and checking some slow phishing database site.  It wasn’t NukeWorker’s fault at all!  THAT was what was making it load slowly.

I turned it off, and the site loads much faster now.

Just one more reason for those IE haters to hate IE.  I'm a fan of IE, but I'm not happy with the speed hit of the phishing filter.

--- Quote ---Microsoft has included the Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7 to protect against phishing sites. The Phishing Filter automatically checks the Web sites you visit against a list of sites that have been identified as phishing sites. If the site has been identified as a phishing site, Internet Explorer will warn you of this.

Although not recommended, you can turn off automatic checking of Web sites and check them manually or you can disable the Phishing Filter all together.

To disable automatic Web site checking:

Within Internet Explorer, click Internet Options from the Tools menu.
Click the Advanced tab.
Under the phishing filter, select Turn off automatic Website checking.
Click OK.
To disable the Phishing Filter, complete steps 1 through 3 listed above, selecting the option to Disable Phishing Filter.

--- End quote ---


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