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Billy Pittman

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Billy Pittman, long time Farley house tech and now at Browns Ferry,  was involved in a serious car accident today.  He is currently in ICU at Huntsville Medical Center.  Please keep Billy and his family in your prayers

Camella Black:
I am so very sorry to hear this. My DIL is a house tech at Farley and has spoken fondly of Billy. I have always meant to contact him and ask him if his family ever knew my father, Jack Brown as my dad had a good friend from AL named Bill Pittman.

He and his family are in our prayers.

I just got back from the hospital visiting with Billy's wife and family.  He has shown improvement.  Doctors expect a full recovery.  He is still confused and doesn't know where he is. but he recognizes his wife and kids.  Will probably be in NICU for at least one more day.

Good news!  Thanks for update.

Camella Black:
Wonderful news!


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