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SRO Incentive Pay and License Bonus


Most job discriptions for SRO positions advertise a base salary + Incentive Pay + License Bonus. I realize that it probably differs from plant to plant, but would someone please break down how the incentive pay and bonus works. Are they annual once qualified? How much typically?

At my plant, incentive pay is an annual bonus (everyone gets one to a different degree depending on position and evals). License bonus is an amount above base salary, paid per pay check which is biweekly here.


Many plants offer a reduced incentive bonus until you license. License bonus is received after you actually prove you can play in the big leagues. My former utility payed 1/2 the bonus every 6 months. My current utility breaks it down into your paycheck. The later lets you keep more of your bonus as the former assumes you made all that money on the same day and taxes it accordingly. Also DTE would dock a portion of your bonus if you failed requal.

Yep forgot to mention that. While in class, I am drawing 2/3rds of the license bonus. Get the full bonus upon licensing. Also, most places pay incentives for passing certain milestones during ILT.


Yes, I know this is old, but I've been busy so cut me a break!  Anyway, we get 75% of normal license pay while in license class and it goes up once you qualify.  But the license "bonus" isn't a one time a year payment.  Our bonus is around $18k per year and that is basically divided up into an "hourly" rate.  So, if you even if you work overtime instead of a straight 40hr week, the bonus still figures into every paycheck as an extra $9 per hour, which makes it really sweet come outage time!


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