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Rate Big Rock Eh?? ::) Well that was the last commercial plant I worked at, and that was in the 93 refuel/maintenance outage. My job there was as A Senior H.P/Asst. Site Coordinator trying to help my old Friend Dave Hutton keep things under control. I remember good times as well as bad, as with all outages, but for being as old a plant as it was, it still had a few good miles left in her at the time. It was different to work in an "Antique" reactor and just coming from a Mark 7 you could definately see the progression through the ages so to speak. ;) i.e. "Steam Drum compared to "Steam Tunnel ??? The house techs there were...all in all... top notch...With a few exceptions, but I'll not mention any names :-X. I miss the Old friends that worked there... John Reed, "Big Sam", Randy Mac, as well as others too numerous to mention. And now that the "Rock" is being decommisioned I guess I shall also miss the "Little Reactor that Could", as Her as well as the memories fade into the past. But on a scale of 1-10...... I'd give the working side a 9, but, I'd give the Management side... a 2... And that's being nice.  Take care Big Rock....You done good for your day. 8)

Camella Black:
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