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Hello all, I am new to my g/f and I are interested in a firewatch position at brunswick, the problem is is that my g/f has no diploma or ged and  I can't find anything that says what is required for this position. I would think that a ged minimum would be required. Can anyone tell me? Thanks

I moved this to Career Path: NRC. The getting in thread is for the USN folks.

Welcome to NukeWorker. ;D

I do not know of any educational requirements for fire watch. Get a hold of whoever has the contract for supplemental employees for Brunswick ad they can probably tell you. You may want to post a thread under the topic of Brunswick, look for plants in the forum.

Good Luck, and again Welcome to NukeWorker.

Ok, I think I know who you are talking about, I will call them tomorrow morning. Thank you.


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