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south kackalackee:
Bartlett has had problems staffing Duke Powers outages the last few year's or so due to low pay and competing outages with higher pay. The RP's coming in are the one's who can't get in the higher paying jobs due to poor work habits and they are killing the few good RP's there. We were 18 RP's short this outage at Oconee and most of the one's who did come in could not climb, crawl,were overweight and could not wear a respirator and were limited in where they could work and still got paid what the capable RP got.So you can imagine who did all the work. McGuire is short RP's for the next outage this spring. Duke Energy sites has turned into the last place to get in if you can't get in anywhere else. It is like the old saying, give us your tired, weary, broken down, Bartlett turns nobody down. 

Lorrie Henson:
I too would like to know the meaning of your post.  I know a few techs that are currently working the Duke system, and they are outstanding technicians.   It was great to see the pay rate increase this year.  However, with Duke wanting returnees, some technicians had to wait a while for confirmation for both McGuire and Oconee.

Also, the spring outage has Catawba and Oconee, not McGuire.  So, how can any of the sites be short RPs for the spring outage, when none of them have been staffed yet?

Old HP:
Staffing any job is easy. All a utility has to know is;   If you pay them well and treat them well they will come.
I have never worked a Duke plant because they have never followed the first part of the above rule.

south kackalackee:
What I am trying to say is, 90% of the techs coming in ...........


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Thanks for clarifying but let's not lay this on Bartlett.The living wage is not there for the good techs to stay anymore and have traveled to new pastures. The ones who stayed have their reasons. With todays market I may come back in ten years to supplement my retirement. That is something I never would have thought before.Keeping a supplemental staff to work outages and travel at prevailing wages of the the trades and federal per diem is the only way I can see people coming back any time soon. Then the utilities will have a tech that is worth his weight(pun intended).They need to know they will have work for 12 months if wanted or flexible enough to offer 9 or six if that is exceptable to all parties.


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