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Author Topic: New Nuke Technician trainee program  (Read 4534 times)

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New Nuke Technician trainee program
« on: Nov 29, 2008, 08:52 »
Hello all,

I've been reading alot of these threads and have learned alot.  I was hoping I could get some folks opinions of a specific training program I am applying to.  The program is called the Nuclear Maintenance Technician program at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC.  It is two years and gets you an Associates degree in Nuclear Maintenance.

It works like this:  the program is partnered with Granite Services (formerly Penpower and owned by GE/Hitachi) and they pay for your school and give you a living stipend for the 2 years.  In exchange you agree to work for them for 3 years as a travelling outage technician, what I assume are the "road warriors" I keep reading about.

I understand this program is only a few years old and maybe no technicians from it are out there working yet, but I was hoping anyone might have heard about this program or one similar.  I think I would really like the travel, especially to other countries, and I have no kids and am unmarried and 25.  I also think I would like the work schedule of working crazy hours for a few months and then having some time off.  I should say I've never been in the Navy and have no formal nuke experience.  I have a BA from UNC in Philosophy (meaning worthless for getting a real job!) and am attracted to the field because I believe it is growing and I could do well at it while developing specialized skills that will pay well in the future.

I've read the other posts about pay, and I gather starting is @ 25-30/hr.  Hopefully some road warriors can tell me what the living situation is like in general; as in do you live in an extended stay hotel, trailers, or find your own apt?  How does the "seasonal" aspect of the work effect your life, for good or bad?  I get the impression that many people move from one staffing agency to another for each job.  Would working for a single staffing agency be much different?  I'm sure there would be pros and cons to each way of doing things. 

Ok, sorry for my long winded ramblings, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.


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Re: New Nuke Technician trainee program
« Reply #1 on: Nov 29, 2008, 09:35 »
 i can tell you from working with technicians that are in the cfcc program  ( kfc kids as we call them :) )that your statarting pay rate is about 50% of the 25-30 an hour that you stated. as far as living conditions, when your at an outage site you will find the local hotel that best fits your budget. you will be given a welcome package for each site and you call to make the reservation etc for the hotel that you want to stay at say days inn, super 8 etc. when your not attending classes your A@#$% belongs to GE ! pm me for more details and i will assist if i can


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