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I've worked an outage at TVA.  It was a short one I believe (5 weeks) but I don't know too much about them really I went through the process because of my mom.  Everyone at the plant seems to know her or even knew I was her son even though I had never seen most of them before. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm pretty green to many things about this type of work.  I was just wondering how would I go about working at other plants and other places?  I read one post where people gave advice, it was pretty good stuff.  I don't really go out unless I go with my girlfriend; I don't drink; and I read not to loan people money.  Is there any other advice?

what kind of work ? do you want to go to other plants as a deconner, hp tech etc that will help us help you !!! good luck !

Oh sorry.  I'm just a laborer but I would like to learn how to be something else.  I'm hoping i can get into an operator class.

operators don't travel 'n do outages.  apply at tva four operations.


--- Quote from: SloGlo on Dec 10, 2008, 10:07 ---operators don't travel 'n do outages.  apply at tva four operations.

--- End quote ---

I know, i was just talking about my future endeavors.


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