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DOE Adjudication-Is anyone familiar with how DOE adjudication works? My adjudicator told me he would be done in less then 2 weeks and its been a month. I did hear though that my case has to make a couple more stops before I am cleared. From Oak Ridge to New Mexico to DC. Anyone know much about all that I am getting impatient. Thanks

Your clearance is now in the hands of one person who will present it for authorization. It is best not to look for to much consistency. It's close just be patient. My two weeks took a month and a half.

Did yours have to jump around all those different places as well? It seems theres to much bureaucracy the clearance system.

   The length of time and early processing depend a lot on where you were and how many companies you worked for, they do go talk to everyone including ex's. When you get to adjudication, information collection is pretty much done and you are being processed by one individual who is consolidating your folder for approval. you may be contacted for some clarification and additional signatures during this part.
   Yes there is a lot of bureaucracy.

Oh, did they tell you that you will have to do this every 5 years.


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