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I've been a Microsoft supporter for almost as long as I've used a "PC".  I started on a commodore 64, which ran "Microsoft Basic v2.0", however I wasn't aware of the fact that "Commodore Basic V2.0" was a Microsoft product.  Back then I used a "300 Baud" modem to run my own "BBS"... those were the pre-internet days...

In 1995 I purchased an IBM Aptiva, which ran windows 95, on a Pentium I.  It did so very badly, because IBM is one of those Microsoft haters, and offered every type of non-Microsoft software they could get on the machine.  The machine kept crashing. -- To make things worse, I was one of those adventuress kids that would download beta software.  -- I learned 2 things: 1: NEVER use beta software for your operating system, or anything tied closely to your operating system. And 2: if you can... run all Microsoft software, and you will have less crashes.

I've been living by that mantra for over 13 years now, and I'm happy to say, every year I have less and less crashes. [knock] [knock] [knock].

Ok, that brings me to today.  I have been having 'speed' issues with IE7 (that's internet explorer version 7).  Nothing I tried helped.  So for fun, I downloaded the latest version of Google's "Chrome" browser today and tried it out AGAIN.  I found two interesting things.  1: The browser DOES render a lot faster than IE7, and 2: It has a built in spell check that underlines in red (like MS Word) any word that it thinks is spelled wrong.

So... I just might start using this Chrome browser as my default browser of choice, it really is a lot faster.  Especially with things like our facility info/map software, and when you click preview..

Here are some links to IE's competitors (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari).


ahh, the memories.... slap in the 64K flash memory box on the side of the ol' Commodore 128, typing in the RUN *,8 [or some such line] to run whatever program was in the external tape recorder drive or 5.25" floppy drive (usually either Pirates,Red Storm Rising or NukeWar)......

back on topic... I run IE6 because most sites are still *optimized* for IE, but IE7 is a memory hog and I run old legacy machines until they die twice. I love using Firefox for YouTube downloads, but Firefox simultaneous with IE ends up being bad juju due to excess file handle usage in XP (did I mention that I'll go back to Mac before I would use Windows ChulaVista? ;)

I'm using Internet Explorer now, because I have a company-provided laptop & that's what it came with...

When I'm on my own computers, it's Firefox...seems to be more mal-ware resistant.

Firefox is my preference.

mozilla firefox.  werks good on dis dell laptop 'n keeps trubble out of it.


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