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Lets saw I were to qualify NLO here at surry while my wife was in school (2 years or so), could I then still go into SRO at a different plant?  Or is it kinda like you get one shot at the instant SRO? Thanks.


Smooth Operator:
Without having the company policy in front of me or NRC licensing guidelines to reference, IMHO/IIRC an NLO can only go instant SRO if:

1. 3 years NLO and Engineering Degree at the plant the plant they were an NLO
2. <3 years NLO, but Navy EOOW/PPWS/EWS/RO (something about having been qualified to move rods or supervise rod moves

Standing by for corrections.

I think the total experience is supposed to be 3 years total.  There is a way to use some academic experience as part of the three years.

I know many will disagree with me, but I think the RO route should be in the cards for you.  As an RO you will actually get to operate the plant.  I have no regrets about taking the RO path.

Three years at the plant in question unless you went there previously licensed.


I need to clarify, I am in the NAVY and will be getting out.  I will have >3 years PPWS = EWS, so I think I would meet the requirements for SRO.  The question is would I still be able to get into instant SRO, provided that I met the requirements.  Thanks


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