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NLO to SRO question

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make a deal with the utility on hire. in six months you will go to training. get certified and then put your time in on the unit. thats usually the way it works. you need the in plant supervision experience.

Well if you have a habit of leaving out relevant data I would be led to believe you have an attention to detail problem and I wouldn't hire you to begin with.


Smooth Operator:
Exactly, you can be hired anywhere that hires instants based on Navy quals. It would then be irrelevant where you were an NLO, but it couldn't hurt your chances if you were an NLO on the same type of reactor as where you want to get licensed.


P.S. Mike, I'd work for you any day.

Thank you Jason, and I'd have you on my group in a heartbeat.


Mike, what position are you in? 


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