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I interviewed with Duke-Power for a AO job recently, and I just got a call from them saying that they are going to offer.  They said after they get the monetary approvals and tie up loose-ends they would then give me a formal offer.  I was wondering if anyone happens to know what Duke-Power typically pays newbie Navy nukes (w/o a degree) starting out?  I guess the hiring manager wanted to set my mind at ease by telling me that they liked me and were going to hire me, but now my curiosity is getting the best of me.  If anybody can help, thanks.  If not, I'll just have to wait till next week.

Why not call and ask?

Which plant are you going to work for?


I have to agree with Broadzilla, the HR people were more than happy to give me the pay information for the position I am applying for (Exelon). I know the plant I am trying to work at just had an increase in pay rates according to the contract set between the union and the company. Congrats btw!


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