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Thanks alot.  I am pretty excited about starting something new.  I'll probably call them up on Monday and get an idea of what there pay scale is.

Wait till you see the Ice Condenser!

They talked about it at the interview.  They asked if I would be comfortable going from one temperature extreme to another. 

Some companies pay everyone equally, on a set scale progression, while others may extend individual offers based on experience and then offer performance based raises.

I interviewed there last year.  I had to twist some arms to get an interview there, and I'm 13 yr Ex-Navy, qualified EOOW/EWS, with a B.S. NukE and they still only offered me an AO job paying $27/hr to start.  I turned them down and got an SRO job elsewhere, but for the record, that figure is the same as what we pay our new AO's.  I have a friend that works there as an Engineer (he got me the interview to begin with), and he's told me Duke works very closely with some local community colleges and grow their own operators.  So, if you want to work for Duke or just want to live close to Charlotte while working at a Nuke plant, and they offer you a spot for ~ $27/hr, take it because most places aren't offering much more for AO's and Duke pretty much owns the Charlotte area.

And before it begins  *****Disclaimer:  You should do whatever the hell makes you happy.  Don't listen to me because alot of other people on this board who think they know everything will tell you not to listen to me*****  (However, I did just go through the new hire process this year instead of 360 years ago, so you can listen to me or the old guys here that know everything.)


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