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It's been a while since the last time I have contributed anything to the forums (not that asking questions that most of the time had been asked before ever contributed much). So I decided to take some time and gather some of the topics that were most helpful to me as someone getting into the Navy Nuke world and the ones that are asked the most. Hopefully it will help some new members find what they need (not that it was ever that hard) and keep some of you site veterans from having to answer the same questions for a while. I insist that those of you who are new to the site do not limit your searching to what I have listed here. This site has much more to offer. You just have to put in some effort and look for what you need.

Some general discussions about if the Navy Nuke life is something you would want to get into and how to go about getting into it:,11078.0.HTML,3604.0.HTML,5431.0.HTML,6077.0.HTML,12969.0.HTML,12994.0.HTML,13214.0.HTML,16077.0.HTML,15518.0.HTML,22615.0.html

Some discussions about the ASVAB and the NFQT,6442.0.HTML,14706.MSG84374.HTML#msg84374,2350.msg20357.HTML#msg20357,11064.0.HTML

Some discussions about the Navy Nuke life on carriers, on subs, in training, with a family and some experiences of some Navy Nukes:,6180.0.HTML,13419.0.HTML,13876.30.HTML,14444.0.HTML,14064.0.HTML,11858.0.HTML,3483.0.HTML,15606.0.HTML

Some discussions about the accommodations during the Pipeline (A-School, Power School and Prototype), subject related questions and what your scores eventually mean in the Navy:,11065.0.HTML,14236.0.HTML,5193.0.HTML,8149.0.HTML,13493.0.HTML,44.0.HTML

Some discussions about the different Nuke rates and how to “choose” which one is right for you. “Needs of the Navy” is a phrase that will repeat in each of these topics:,12184.0.HTML,14609.0.HTML,1890.0.HTML,16109.0.HTML,16466.0.HTML,10692.0.html,3821.0.HTML,3676.0.HTML,4089.25.HTML,1737.0.HTML

Some discussions relating to Officer programs including STA-21, USNA, OCS, and NUPOC. There are many other discussion on these posted so you can do your own search depending on which program you are interested in. You can find at least a brief overview of each here:,17499.0.HTML,7388.0.HTML,13741.0.HTML,11017.0.HTML,16171.0.HTML

Some discussions pertaining to waivers including but not limited to home schooling, high school g.p.a. issues, and incidents with the law:,15537.0.HTML,16333.0.HTML,4904.0.HTML,3706.0.HTML

Some tips for people going into the Pipeline that are married, engaged or in a relationship. There are many people on this board who can go into more detail if you need help related to these questions. I am not one of them:,7271.0.HTML,16817.0.HTML,16229.0.HTML,16178.0.HTML,13730.0.HTML,10694.0.HTML,8165.0.HTML

Some tips on how to prepare for the Pipeline (and the futility of preparing by studying):,9932.0.HTML,13014.0.HTML,1421.0.HTML,5866.0.HTML,10551.0.HTML,6407.0.HTML,14899.0.HTML

Hope this helps.

-DEP Recruit, imthehoopa

Good post, I made it sticky.  Thanks for taking the time to help others.

Very nice! Well done!


very helpful, thanks

This is a great post; thank for taking the time to put it together.


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