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Canadian curious about working in US


I'm a radiation protection tech (also used to be a unlicensed operator) and I'm wondering what would be involved in me going to work in the US. I know this is kinda vague, but I'm new here.
I'm looking to start with the real basics:
Do US plants often (or ever) hire from outside the country?
Is my Canadian NRRPT ticket valued in the US?
Anything to get me started would be appreciated.

I don't know any reason why you couldn't get in...they bring in foreign workers at all the commercial plants. 

I would call Bartlett and ask them...they are used to handling the work visas for workers they bring in.  1-800-225-0385...or 508-746-6464 if the toll free number doesn't work from your locale... 

As far as the NRRPT goes, I'm betting it is worth exactly the same as a U.S. NRRPT...opens a lot (but not all) of the doors.


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