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There is a lot of talk on this forum concerning unescorted access.  I'm curious to know if there is anyone out there that fully disclosed a past incident on the personnel history questionnaire and was still denied unescorted access??  If such an instance exists, please go into some detail while respecting your privacy.  This might be a helpful perspective on this issue for some people.

If you look at my post-such an incident does exist-"unescorted access" by jr.
I am not sure how to handle the situation at the moment.My full disclosure was good enough at 5 nuclear power plants-yet not good enough for one and now it appears that I am out due to the "denial" at one plant. The denial was based-and I have it in writing -due to the disclosure of a 2001  "nolle processed" arrest .This arrest is probably not even on my record yet I am required to report it-because if I don't and they find it-I would risk my job-yet I reported it and I still lost my job-still trying to see the reasoning in all this.

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