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Fire Department Chief Officer Wants to Go Nuke!


I am a 41 year old Battalion Chief with Department of Defense in southern California.  I have 22 years of firefighting experience, including Hazmat and an extensive resume and background in the fire service, exclusively with DOD. 

I also have a personal interest in supporting nuclear electricity generation.  In recent years it has become my hobby to learn more about it.  I have developed a deep interest in how nuclear power can serve our country. 

I would like to match my career closer with this personal interest.  I am seeking to a new employer and I'm willing to relocate to many parts of the country.  I am keeping my options wide open to any position, however if federal job series 0081 positions are available, I would logically seek those first.  I am currently a YN-0081-01 and would prefer to remain on a path of upward mobility, however any position is worth consideration to me.

If anyone has any information about firefighting positions at nuclear facilities, I would greatly appreciate reading more. 

Thank you,

You will find a much leaner organization in a power plant, the operators and in plant personnel make up much of the firefighting force in general. It is not unusual for a DOE emergency department have an agreement to help the community that they are in but the reverse is true for a commercial power plant in general.

It just so happens that San Onofre is one of the few nuclear plants with a full time fire department.  As they have mutual aid agreements with local fire departments, you might want to try to use your contacts to see if they have any openings.  You can also check out the SCE careers website:

Another option is that at least at my plant there is a "fire marshall" that is in charge of ensuring that fire protection program is run properly. He does fire load analysis and is in charge of approving any changes.  There is also an instructor position that is in charge of fire brigade training. The trainer also is responsible for running the fire drills.  Sounds like you may be qualified for either of these jobs


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