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Recently Interviewed for Security Position with Southern Company.  I really think the interview went well.  Does anyone know how long or what is the normal time span before receiving a job offer call?  I am under the impression that a background check may be done following the interview.  How long does this take?  What is the normal process?  Patiently waiting. I understand that it is a general process and may take some time. Just curious.  Thanks for any comments......

Assume that it will take 6-8 weeks.  Possible even longer.  Southern Company HR isn't too fast.  Did they give you a time frame during interview?  Which plant? 

Good luck

Thank you, Grantime, kindly for your post.  Interviewed with Farley Nuclear week before last... I have been wanting to work there for a long time ... Looks like that chance is finally on its way...They wound up their interviews last Friday.  I was just curious and wondering of the next steps after the interview as well as the time frames.  Possibly what to expect next... I think Farley is a great place to work...  and I don't mind working...

I appreciate your comments....

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It takes longer than you would reasonable expect to make these kind of decisions.  It takes at least a month for filling an in house promotion after the interviews.  There is a recommended candidate submitted at end of the interview process.  Several different levels have to sign off and since we are in an outage some of them are busy with other things.

Good luck.  I've been at Farley since 1986. 

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