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Thanks Grantime!!!! Your comments are very helpful and very appreciated.  I know it takes time to make important decisions and I am geared up and ready to go! 

I think this site is a great informational source for people to communicate and get answers to their questions. 

You have been a great source of answers for me.  I didn't know how long the process takes but now at least I have some idea.  I have applied, tested and passed, and interviewed.  Please feel free to post any additional comments in the process of what to expect.

Thanks again!!!!

Thank you also Jason K for your comment as well!!!!


Well I received an email saying I was placed in a pool of test skills qualified candidates and did not get selected for employment this time.  But that's ok.  I will keep trying and won't give up and hopefully Farley will give me a chance to show my worth to them some day.  I have tried for years to get in there and will keep trying and hopefully I'll make it. 


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