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1992 to 1995 at Shoreham had to be the most fun I've ever had in this biz. The people were like a second family. Volleyball/basketball at lunch, the local deli that set up tents on site for breakfast, Jimmy and the roach coach, Rumors, Avenues, Gallagher's First Round Draft Choice, Sunday softball double-headers, Party at Stu and Brenda's house, The Two By Four, Darts team, Bowling... The good memories just go on and on. Got any good stories? This is the place to put 'em. To any alumnists that read this....I miss all of you!

Floyd Flanigan

all i got was a piece of the vessel when they drilled it

Yah....But how many chances does a tech get to walk around in the core barrel or the spent fuel pit? It was a cool gig.


Heck with 92-95.  Where are the guys who were with me when they got their 5% merit badge (circa 1985)?

We had some times back there too.  Judge's was home (literally, remember the boarding rooms) to some of us. 

Roll Tide:
Thanks for moving this to a better location HydroDave! 8)


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