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Bartlett Employees Insurance Benefits


Camella Black:
To anyone who is interested, I would like to gather a list of Bartlett employees who would like to add a Blue Care Account (personal savings account) to their health insurance coverage. Bartlett updates its insurance in January and perhaps if we join forces we can persuade them to do this for us.

If you are interested would you please pm me here through the site or email me at

Camella Black:
Jeff, I agree with your statement above.

Here's a statement from the bluecrossma website...

With some Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts medical plans, members have access to a personal spending account (referred to as a Blue Care Account). These accounts can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses and other health-related services. They are mainly used with plans that include a deductible.

Lorrie Henson:
We previously had BCBS Mass insurance, but after they raised the COBRA to over $1200 a month, we just couldn't afford it.... especially on unemployment for the summer months.  Even while working, it was over $800 a month... just crazy!!

For all the tech's out there that struggle with COBRA..(myself included) i was pleasantly suprised to find out that the new stimulus package covers 9 months of assistance for people on unemployment..thus reducing my COBRA payment to roughly 160.00/month while i am off this summer!

Lorrie Henson:
Wow Nuke Girl!!  That's GREAT!!   I don't think we can get back into their insurance program though, because of non-continuous employment.  Not really sure what their requirements currently are.  I'll have to call Julie and find out... Thanks for that update!!



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