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Returning after 6 months.

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--- Quote from: TENN-1 on Dec 17, 2009, 02:15 ---Quote from: La Feet on Yesterday at 00:34
"you gopt a loser from Tennessee and an trainer who wears hawaiian shirts"

"gopt" ? Ouch! LaFeet. Kinda lean on the forethought for a man in your position.
--- End quote ---

Geesh   I have not been back to this thread since I last typed on it.....

First off I am sorry.  I did not intend, nor do I have any harsh feelings for the personnel at DC Cook. 

The Loser comment is only in reference to his choice of college programs and NOT the individual at all.  The Hawaiian shirt comment, for those that know me, is actually a compliment.  I have (and wear) a slew of Hawaiian shirts, the more harmful to the eye the better.

 Tenn-1  (Bill)  I truly meant no harm and I relished working for you and would do so in a moments notice if I was asked.  I hope this finds you doing well and look forward tohearing from you some time in the future.

 Once again I am sorry and meant no harm - Paule

Mike McFarlin:
When you do return, sounds like respirator work!

It's all good!

LOL Bill. I knew ya would not take harsh comments bad,, it is what it is,, I do believe he was joking..

Hmm return after 6 months, lol it's been over 15 years since I've been to the cookie farm as Pat calls it. I do miss home, but you do what you have to do what you have to do to survive. I still know that plant inside and out.

LOL Bill i'll come back when you install some nice padded carpet on the S/G platforms and around the RCP pump seal areas, and take all the head knockers out of the annulus, and put a hov around lift down into the cavity.. Bill you know we are all getting old...Just kidding brother I'd come back anytime, it just never fits into my schedule, I'm sure someday I'll be back, to look at the old memories..

Take care my friend..



--- Quote from: Jr8black3 on Jun 04, 2010, 07:18 ---LOL Bill i'll come back when you install some nice padded carpet on the S/G platforms and around the RCP pump seal areas...
--- End quote ---

 Hey  we had the S/G platforms set up just like you wanted the last time I was there.  The staff there is still TOP NOTCH and I enjoyed my time and the challenging work load.  It was my Briar Patch, and I miss it.

 Hope all goes well up there in Cookie Land......  I don't know when Ill be back in the loop, but I hope to see you guys in the future.



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