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On 5/5/09 Noramtec brought in the first non-ACTS Rad Tech in seven years. This breaks the ACTS, Inc. sole source staff augmentation monopoly and Sheila (ACTS, Inc. Recrtr.) is majorly P.O.ed. It has gotten to the point of an under the table offer to keep any other shop out of SRS and keep ACTS as the ONLY supplier of techs to SRS.
Why is ACTS, Inc. so bad? Let me count the ways.
1. No cost of living passed to the technicians for over 7 yrs. ACTS will always pay the least amount for techs. And tell you about right-to-work laws – TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
2001 RdTch$22.18/hr    HsTch$22.19/hr
2008 RdTch$22.87/hr    HsTch$27.47/hr
   RT +3.1%         HT +19.2%
2. Inflates your paycheck by pro-rating and hourly paying your holiday hours. If you miss any time, whatsoever, you loose forever that portion of your holiday pay. Higher weekly tax bracket.
3. Vacation pay is pro-rated and held in escrow to be lump sum (40% tax) paid on your anniversary date. If you leave or terminate early (1 yr. agreement) for any reason, you lose your vacation pay. Also if you miss any time, whatsoever, you loose forever that portion of your vacation pay.
4. GREAT MEDICAL/ DENTAL PLAN?????   $1200/mo. Couple   $1500/mo. Family Both are 20/80% PPO w/ $1mil cap
5. You get to go to a buffet Christmas party and listen to the ACTS VP brag about the new corporate jet and his ambition to play as many golf courses around the U.S.
6. You wonder how a small minority (Hispanic female) owned company making over $100 Mil./yr is able to maintain a 5 year, no-bid, monopoly contract for 8 years.
And you also wonder of the ethics of a company that managed to shutout Bartlett Nuclear in a partnership. HMMMMMMM………
SRS is not a bad place to be. Good weather, good hunting, fishing, camping and recreation. Atlanta is 2 ½ hrs, Charlotte and Charleston 3 hrs, and D.C. hrs away. Stay away from South Augusta (Da Hood). The rest of Augusta, Evans, Martinez, GA and  North Augusta, Aiken, Barnwell, Williston, SC are all nice places. The site workers are great, just don’t bring any G.D.Yankee attitude with you (ass kicked and you will look like a popsicle with that pool cue stuck up there). Some house techS(nakes) WILL NOT like you. YOU ARE THERE TO TAKE THEIR JOB OR CHEAT THEM OUT OF OVERTIME!! This is how they can afford the new car every year and take annual cruises or vacations to Europe!! Management is sometimes w/o a KLEW. You have 10,000 people at SRS and less than 2500 workers (do the math).
D&D just received $1.6 B to cleanup 150 sq. miles in 30 months. These people need a LOT OF HELP to pull it off. Management has a tendency to always re-invent the wheel. And  work practices here lag back to 2001 technology (we just went to electronic surveys site wide last year).

I am a teacher who has NO nuclear experience. I have a Bachelor's in Educational Psychology and a Master's in Counseling. Does SRS hire regular folks to be machine operators? Is there a such thing there? Where are the entry level jobs?

When this stimulus money was announced, the press releases said that around 40% of the needed workers wouldn't need a nuclear background. Well, I have been stalking the job boards for months and sending my resume' to different sub contractors with no such luck!

Where are the jobs for us "regular" folks who fit in to that 40% that they talked about?

TFE has an announcement for a Logistics/Expeditor that requires a high school diploma and 5 years experience or a college degree in lieu of experience. Well, I applied for it was was PROMPTLY told that I was not qualified. Thanks for nothin...now stop wasting our time.

Can anyone answer this question?  I'm so FRUSTRATED!  >:(

I was told that ACTS was looking for folk with college diplomas, didn't matter in what. Yeah, right! I have talked to every recruiter over there to no avail. There must be some secret to this that I don't know about. Help me out y'all, please.

Lorrie Henson:
I feel your pain, although my pain is a little different.  I have about 10 yrs experience in nuclear, doing various positions.... and because I don't have 'that' piece of paper, I don't qualify... they won't even look twice at me... VERY frustrating, indeed!!

Good Luck to ya... I sure hope something turns around for you and soon.


If you have the teacher cert. apply for the training positions through VAS or Noramtec. ACTS will try to bring you in and give you the run around. Look for instructor positions and bone-up on science, biology and physics. SC Employment also has some training positions through Dave Walker. Good luck my friend. They are hiring 2000 people to work 30 months. Just remember...CHAOS PAYS WELL!! 8)


I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but 10,000 YANKEE'S are currently involved in the conspiracy to replace the entire working population of SRS!  Life on the plantation just wont be the same and fortification of venue's will no longer be accepted under the , "My Daddy's, Daddy's, Daddy", rule! 

I'm thinking you need to do a little homework on the ACTS/Bartlett relationship, thing may not "B" as they appear!




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