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I was reimbursed for all my expenses on every interview on which I've ever been.

A few things to look for:

1: What do you do well and why?

2: How does what you do well translate into making a group or team better?

3: Give us an example of something you've done to make your group better? (Note if you don't have a nuclear version then give an example of a non nuke thing)

4: What do you feel are your weaknesses?

5: What are you doing to address these?

6: Tell us about a time your boss gave you feedback you didn't like? What did you do with it? What did you learn?

7: What are your career goals?

8: AND this is IMPORTANT, you screw this UP and you won't get the job. You're getting ready to do a job, your boss comes up and says training has come out with a new way to do it OR he wants you to do it this way. You look at your procedure and it's done in a different way. What will you do?

There are lots of ways to ask that question for instance you see a group of people doing a job in a clearly incorrect or unsafe fashion. What are you going to do? (An initial response of well I'll tell my boss is NOT correct!)

Be able to discuss commitment to safety, quality, and human performance. In fact if you want them eating out of your hand try to fit in something about whenever you are working or planning a job you look plan in the following order.
1: Industrial Personnel Radiological Safety.
2: Nuclear Safety
3: Quality work including quality procedures.

Don't fidget or squirm. If they ask an unexpected question and you don't have an immediate answer try not to look surprised, and ask if you can think about it a minute.
Be willing to discuss your career goals and yes they realize you can't possibly know about every position at the plant. Try to have about 3 to 5 questions about the company or job available in case they give you time to ask. Bring a few copies of your resume and when you enter the interview room ask the interview panel members if they'd like a copy.
If you use the term References available upon request you best have your list with you because whenever I see that term I'll ask for the list. If they can't give it, then they lied to me therefore it don't care how qualified they are. Whenever I interview I place my hands on my knees because I tend to drum my fingers or tap my middle finger on tables.



So i just took the test on the 27th and I live in Arkansas so they didnt schedule an interview for that day.....how long do you think it will take to send me an email or letter saying I passed or failed and whether they want to interview or not?

Harley Rider:
I understand that many that showed up for that interview were not professionally dressed (I hope you were). I also understand that most locals were sent away for later interviews and all those flown in were interviewed because of cost/time constraints,,,kinda makes sense. I know the applicant pool was low so if you did well / passed on your POSS you should be getting an interview in the next coming weeks but of course this is just my opinion based on limited experience,,,good luck

thanks for replying...yeah i dressed in a suit and I feel really confident that i passed the POSS. But I guess i will find out. Thanks for the info.

I took the same test on the 27th and Angela (the HR ladie) said that within a week they would be sending letters to those who took the test and it will say only pass/fail.  It will come to the address that you put on the sign up sheet we filled out before the test.


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