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I've always wanted to work in England as I'm a huge fan of it's history.

LOL No. England is a bit too cool for my thinning blood. But I love their history and the way your basic Brit acts.
I'm still working on the beach thing! The trouble is most beaches involve Florida and short of Panama City there's no place in Florida I'd want to live.

Any Sizewellians here?

No, but a buddy of mine was over there for initial startup - something about the crazy American's being willing to work overtime, which the locals apparently weren't willing to.  He also ended up with a wife out of the job, so I guess he wasn't at work the entire time.

I'm curious as to how the typical Brit acts, but I've got to be honest- I'm leaving the UK because of the cost of living, the government and the weather.

Oh, and the enormous number of scumbags that provide nothing for this country

*burn over*


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