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From what I have read (and watched a few IBEW videos) that the Employee Free Choice Act will allow a majority card sign up approach to establishing a union,  doing away with the 45 day period (that period of time thats has HR doing overtime, planning BBQ's for all..or have us watching videos of why unions are bad.)  prior to an election.  and it will also allow a choice for a secret ballot instead.

My son is in retail management  for a large corporation(not wally world or 7-11) and the HR department is in a tizzie  about the move through New York City with unionizing the individual $tarbuck$ you think that could be the playbook for getting the IBEW or NPUA   a union foot in the door at an outage?

Even if ya DO want a union...imagine what happens when this non-secret ballot is taken, and the vote fails to meet the criteria for certifying the union (yes, that does occasionally happen).

A crossfire of mgmt. retaliating against those voting for, and peer to peer retaliation for voting against.... no way that could happen, right?  :-\


--- Quote from: nowhereman on May 19, 2009, 11:37 you think that could be the playbook for getting the IBEW or NPUA   a union foot in the door at an outage?

--- End quote ---

yessir!  'n itsa weigh to counteract old court rulings establishing secret ballot vote asa way to thwart union thuggery 'n peer pressure dat usta bee used two frustrate 'n exacerbate individual writes during union votes.

Already Gone:
Alright.  That's it.  I'm pulling the plug. If you want to debate union or no union, do it in the topic already established for that.

This topic is limited strictly to the subject of the EFCA.

I suggest that some of you actually READ the legislation before offering your uninformed opinions.

There is absolutely NO provision to take away the secret ballot.

Since most of you won't bother to educate yourselves prior to offering an opinion (NO!  Listening to Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh to find out what they think you should think is NOT an education) I'll sum it up.

Currently, if an employee of a company gets 30% or more of his fellow employees to sign cards for a particular union, he can present the cards to the employer who can chose to accept the union as the bargaining agent for his employees OR the employer can demand an election by secret ballot.  If the majority vote is in favor of the union, the NLRB will certify the union as the representative of the employees.

Under the proposed law, the employees have the choice as to whether they accept the signed cards or whether they will require a vote.  Even if there is a majority in favor of the union as indicated by the majority having signed cards, a vote (by secret ballot) will still be required as long as 30% or more of the employees petition for one.  If the majority have signed cards and do not sucessfully petition for a vote, the NLRB will certify the union as the bargaining agent for the employees.

The only difference between the current law and the EFCA is that the choice of whether or not to have a secret ballot shifts from the employer to the employees.

So, the union folks walk around the plant, offering cards for signature - which they collect.
They KNOW who wants unionized and who does not want unionized by observing (and listing?) those who did not sign.
Trust me, they won't stop at 30%, they'll confront every employee at the site and play the "sign it or make the list" game.
Their logic would be based on avoiding the private vote by having a large number of signed cards.

That, Mr BC, is a public poll. It subjects people to identification, harassment and intimidation. If unions had been careful to never harass
nor intimidate people, nobody would draw these conclusions. Fact is - history speaks for itself.

Not only should we READ the legislation entitled with words like "Free Choice", we should THINK about how it plays out, which looks alot more like something out of 1930s Chicago. Free choice should come along with avoiding even the appearance of the possibility of coercion or intimidation.

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