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Interview questions:All the rope you need to hang yourself

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Yup that is what I was getting at, its your career, go after it.

What I did for all of my interviews was this;

I had my thank you cards ready to mail and with me at the interview. As I left the site, I dropped them in the closest mailbox I could find so that they would get there the very next day. Then I called a week after, and every week after that until I was told one way or the other. During the interview, I tried to find common interests with the person I would be calling so we could shoot the shit for a while during my calls, and so that it wasn't just a 30 second "hey did you make a decision yet"? Even if I didn't get an offer, it all seemed very positive from their end and I think that my strategy helped me get 1 or 2 more offers than I would have, had I just waited for them to pull my name out of the hat.

Good luck and keep us posted!



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