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Author Topic: How to get a second chance?  (Read 2416 times)

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How to get a second chance?
« on: Jun 02, 2009, 01:54 »
I recently passed the POSS tests and interviewed for an aprentice plant operator position at SONGS, however I never heard from SCE after my interview.  They started the incomming class today, so it's safe to say I didn't get a position this time around.  I'm not one to give up, is it unheard of to get another opportunity to interview for that position again when it becomes available.  Or would I only get one opportunity to get the job?  I was a Navy Nuke in the 80's, and have become quite dis-satisfied with the lack of integrity in other industries and thought it a good idea to get back into the Nuke field. 

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Re: How to get a second chance?
« Reply #1 on: Jun 02, 2009, 09:54 »
1. If no interview, then probably did not score high enough on POSS test.

2. Given that you were a Navy nuke in the 80s, the hiring supervisors doing the resume math have a choice between a 27 year old fresh off the Ustafish, vs. a 40-something who has been away from power plants for 20 years.

3. If you aren't already residing in the high-cost high-crime zone formerly known as Orange and San Diego counties, two strikes and a foul ball against you, because:

  a. They generally get more than enough apps from within that region, including fresh college grads who live close and don't mind the low pay vs. cost of living

  b. Over the years, lots of people have hired on and qualified steam side, and then left for other utilities due to low pay vs. cost of living

  c. It gets old watching the carefree surfers cavorting in the Pacific surf, whilst trudging around the turbine deck and mucking out the screens-n-rakes, while thinking about the low pay vs. cost of living

4. Your resume from EAOS to present may have looked boring, confusing or scary to the hiring supervisors. Consider polishing it a bit, how does your past experience apply towards working at an INPO 3 plant?

5. Thinking back to 3c. , SoCal is a place for beautiful people with a tan. Its an interesting coincidence that chubby and pale people are rare in the junior ranks. Are you more of a Val Kilmer in Top Gun type, or more of a COB from Crimson Tide type?

6. If you have oversome the aforementioned obstacles....having something in common with the interviewers can sometimes be the extra oomph that pushes one to the top. Are you a country-western fan? At least one of the hiring supervisors is a huge Gene Autry and Roy Rogers fan. Wearing a leather bolo tie and humming a few bars from a Marty Robbins classic might just pay off!

7. Another pitfall of applicants is the "back on my last boat" syndrome. Back in the 80s, being from the Pogy, Narwhal , Seawolf or Bainbridge would get you hired on the spot. Nowadays, being able to answer STAR questions such as "describe a time when you had to lower your standards" or " name a time when you solved world hunger" are far more important in this New Age. Watch some daytime TV (while staying lean and tan), and ask yourself "how would I get Oprah to hire me?"
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