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Already Gone scared everyone off trying to give them jobs :)

Well...a successful TVA outage up until the day I left.
I never touched a dosimeter....had a single 1st aid as the only blip on a nearly perfect screen.

Ahhh...Life on the turbine deck.

If any of you RP were at WBN..I sympathize, that side of the house had a tough outage.
218 hrs behind is never fun.
Lucky for them Chaos=Cash.

I made the jump from RP to Industrial Hygiene and Safety. Talk about a major learning curve in IH. The job looks easy on the surface, but you have to learn all the chemicals and what could break down to after years in storage. If the work is done right on the front end of a job it looks easy for the Safety or IH Rep, but it takes a lot of effort on the front end. And God forbid if even the unimaginable that you planned for happens, the paperwork trail and meetings are endless. I love the job I do now but there are days when I miss the days of just picking up my meters and going to work without having to deal with upper management all the time that find you as the necessary evil required by contract and law.


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