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Hey Everyone,

I am going to work for the NRC for at least 2 years as part of a deal for accepting a scholarship during college.  I am going to be in the NSPDP program (Engineering).  I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the program.  I am also curious about what it is like working there. 

Will working at the NRC give me any training towards going out into the non-government sector?  I am just kind of curious about my options later on in regards to the nuclear industry. 

I would appreciate any tips or info you could give.


I've seen some very good people from the NRC and the Utilities swap sides.

Welcome to Nukeworker.

More people go to the NRC from the Utilities than the other way around. Once you have the gubbiment bennies, they are hard to give up. The Rockville area of Maryland (the NRC is not really in DC) is a nice place, particularly just north in Potomac. If you don't have to commute on the Beltway every day it is downright tolerable working there. DC is a nice place to visit (take the Metro in and out) and the museums (there are more of them than you can count) can't be beat. Nice Zoo, too, not far from NRC headquarters. You may not want to leave once you get there... you have to like 4 seasons in the year, but summer is not too hot (at least not for long) and winter is not too cold (compared to say... Michigan or Massachusetts.) Spring and fall are just right.

Having said that, most utilities see NRC experience as a big plus, so hiring out of the NRC should be fairly easy, depending on where you want to go and what you want to do.

Good luck and keep us informed.


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