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Finally got into the nuke industry with Atlantic Group at the Calvert Cliffs shutdown (expensive there!!) On the first day (mind you this was my first job in the industry) during orientation I recieved a call on my cell phone that my wife was in the emergency room and I freaked out and left the plant and flew back to WI. Ok not too bad so far ( and now my wife is out of the hospital). The bad part is that I didn't tell anyone at the plant I was leaving and I freaked out and just left. I called my recruiter at AG and he chewed me a new hole in my bottom and hung up on me. Not good!! Now I am out of work and he won't return my calls and I think I just screwed myself royaly in the industry. So what do you guys and gals think I should do, I am desperatly in need of the work and have to find something here even if I could go back to Calvert for Bartlett or Ames, my craft was only a laborer and I can do just about anything if they would let me (lol). But I jsut wanted to get my DOE clearence first. Suggestions would be helpful, thanks


--- Quote from: frenchyjr on Mar 27, 2004, 01:51 ---But I jsut wanted to get my DOE clearence first.
--- End quote ---

FYI, you can't get a DOE clearance at a NRC facility, such as Calvert Cliffs.

thx but that doesn't make me feel any better but I was told that only companies like AG take first timers.

Nuclear NASCAR:
Frenchy it might help to have a few more details.  First off, how long were you there the first day?  How long from the time you left until you got back in touch with Atlantic Group? 

You'll find out that this is a detail oriented industry for obvious reasons.  The recruiter knows this & is probably looking on your leaving so suddenly as you not paying attention to detail.  That's probably a big reason behind him not returning your calls. I'm not trying to beat you up, just make you aware of how what you did might be perceived.  You might keep trying to get in touch with your recruiter.  You might also try with Bartlett & see if you can get on as a deconner.  I wish you luck.

I was there for about an hour when I got the call and I left the first message to my recruiter the same day but late as I wasn't thinking much about him when I was running thru dules airport and trying to find out my wife's situation. I do see where you are comming from don't get me wrong, and I admit it was my mistake not his. But I hope to get a second chance to make ammends. Thx for the info though


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