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RP Stickers?

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Does anyone know where one could obtain some of those "Radcon" hard hat indentifier stickers for RPs? Or some similar design?
Need a couple hundred of 'em and quick!
These are to be used on RPs hard hats so the outage workers know who the techs are.
I know I could probably make 'em on the ol' label maker but would rather not.
If anyone knows of a supplier or print shop that could Fed Ex some please let me know.

contact Bill Berg at ASA safety he can get you what ever you need.

Or you can try  They can make custom stickers / labels for you.


--- Quote from: HousePuke on Apr 13, 2004, 09:19 ---Or you can try  They can make custom stickers / labels for you.

--- End quote ---

I couldn't find any trifoil products on their site, have you purchased any custom stickers from them in the past? If so, what options does one have in symbols, etc.?

Another place from whom I ordered in a past life, was   has a few goodies and stickers along these lines

No I haven't purchased any trifoil products from them.  Others on the project have used them and seemed satisfied, hence the "recommendation".  Sorry


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