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Anyone at Bruce and OPG Ontario?

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At 21 years old, I also just get in under family sponsorship as a dependant child. Another option is a provincial nominee, but is that unlikely?

Already Gone:
Sounds like you have it in hand.  I don't know about "the Bruce" (as it is known) but OPG regularly posts job openings at their website.  If you sign up, they will email you job announcements that fit your profile.

You can do that here:  http://www.mypowercareer.com/

Stay in touch.

Thanks for the responses so far, I have been keeping an eye on both sites for about a month now.

I've just finished applying for the nuclear operator in training post that appeared on the bruce site yesterday. Can anybody give me a rough idea of how long the application process may take before (if I'm shortlisted for an interview) I get a reply?

I've just got this email from HR Bruce, can anyone shed any light on it? I don't know whether this is a bad sign or just a hiccup and nothing to do with me:

'July 29, 2009

Dear Candidate,

Thanks for applying to the NOIT (Nuclear Operator in Training) vacancy with Bruce Power.  The vacancy is being temporarily cancelled as the organization is clarifying the hiring criteria for the positions.   

The revised posting will appear in the very near future, so please consider re-applying. 


Human Resources'

I can only guess that lots of people have applied who aren't qualified, do you think that includes me?

More than likely the HR department didn't follow the job document associated with those positions when putting out the minimum educational requirements etc. If this is the case then they have to withdraw the openings and repost them with the proper information. 


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