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I earned my degree in nuclear engineering last August and I landed my first job just recently in Ohio.  Getting someone in HR to notice you is the hardest part of getting a ops job.  I mailed out 64 letters to all power plants and only had a few responses.  Most of them were "we are not hiring".  About 6 of them came back undeliverable.

Once you get a shot at an interview you will have to take that POSS test.  Take this test only after you drill yourself sick on all the parts.  Not only memorize the conversions but know very fast mental math.  That is the 2nd battle you must fight.  If you fail the POSS you must wait 3 months to take it again.  Luckly I passed it my first shot.  Don't let the degree make you think you are a badass.  I found out before the test what it was and that only 20% at best of the people that take it pass it.  This is independent of education level.  I.E. a high school grad or a college grad ahve the same pass rates.  When I learned this I got scared and drilled myself night and day for the test.  Get friends to make up questions and give your self less time to take the test than real test conditions.

If you get the offer of a job take it!  Then you will go through a huge background check, physical and phyc evaluation.  After all that is over your real education will begin.  I am starting off at fire school first.  The road to SRO is long and hard but I think it is worth it.  I am going to learn so much in the next few years.

It is not easy to get in, but it is worth it.  Only 6 people have been hired out of 70 people coming to take the test and interview.  The odds are not good but with a good nights rest and determination I think you can do it, especially if you earned an ABET accredited nuclear engineering degree.


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