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Power Plant Union Questions [Merged]

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Worked just about all the old ComEd now Exelon plants on the contractor side and ex was LTC.  From what I know, House union guys do make some good green and usually get to do shared resource outages for more green.  I believe the benes are good but don't know details.  I'd take a house job for them.

Your union is only as good as it's representation and their upper tier connections such as the Teamsters whom I feel have one of the best.

Many know about the IBEW and how they got many to buy-in to an illegal introduction with the power arena. There should have been a national vote first to be legal yet this so called organization was'nt as good as many thought. Many RCT s jumped on the Band wagon without doing their homework and ended up eating Crow!

I have noticed today that many of the stronger union organizations still compromise their membership caving in on various issues.

I worked for two years here in NY with Local 138 (Operators) and their Delegate Jim was very knowledgable and knew how to cover his members and did a fine job. They carry a nice big stick here and the type I would consider joining, at the same time, there will always be small inconsistencies to deal with. We have heavy hitters here in NY and I like the Teamsters since they have many professional attributes and horse power behind the scenes to boot.

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I geuss they have there places and are good for those who are in them, like bennys and stuff.

If you like stagnating air, tornadoes sirens, old style beer and bad food you'll like the surrounding area. One a positive note, the people for the most part, are great. The plants themselves, on a scale of one to ten rate a one (one being the lowest) and the low rating is due to the fact that the union workers are the biggest bunch of a-holes I have ever worked with.


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