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I have an interview coming up for a house HP position. What would be considered appropriate attire for the interview? After searching the forum, I found dress code advice that is five years old. What would everyone recommend for a potential tech or any other nuke position these days?

Slacks from Banana Republic, or Dockers style pants and a ordinary polo shirt or button down shirt should be fine. You don't need a suit, and no one wears a tie the Nuclear Industry except old managers or site VP's.

Thanks. The reason I ask, is because the job market is tougher these days. I do not want to underdress and allow the management to assume that I am not serious about the job.

Lorrie Henson:
Good luck at your interview!!!

I went to an interview dressed in a suit and tie and all the interviewers wore slacks, jeans and colored t-shirts.   I looked like the sole supervisor.   It may be useful to ask where you are going.  I guess it is better to dress up verses down. 


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