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The interview went well, but I was not selected for the position. It was a good learning experience, since I had no clue as to what a company would ask during an interview for this type of position. However, I have another interview next week and I feel a lot more prepared.

what did you wear to the interview you had?

Study BEI interview questions for the next one. Google it if you have to.


--- Quote from: IPREGEN on Sep 20, 2009, 06:51 ---what did you wear to the interview you had?

--- End quote ---

I passed on the anti-c's of course  :), and wore gray slacks, a nice button down long sleeve shirt, and black dress shoes. The worst part of the interview was the fact that the management was not willing to consider my navy ELT/RCSS background as "on the job experience". However, I feel extremely confident about my next interview.


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