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You may not need the suit, but no one will ever dock you points for wearing one.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I think that I'll go with some slacks and a button down shirt. Hopefully the ELT in me will shine enough for the interviewers  :P.

Smooth Operator:
I would recommend against a suit.

Nice collared and starched button down.
Shined shoes that match the belt. I like Kenneth Cole Reactions with the square toe and 1 inch heel.

A nice watch.

Manicure wouldnt hurt, but being an ELT your hands should be nice and smooth.

I say manicure because a nicely groomed set of nails (NO POLISH) makes a nice impression. When your interviewers are not looking at you they are looking at your hands, so set them off with a nice watch, cufflinks, no gaudy jewelry, just a wedding band as applicable.

I find it's always best to over dress than under, you can always tone down a suit by removing the jacket and tie.  But, can't up dress on the fly.    I agree with Jason on the manicure, and avoiding too much jewelry.  Your dressed up with 6 rings, can equal someone else's idea of tacky. 

Wear a suit! It's just another normal workday for your interviewers so they will not be dressed up. I wouldn't worry too much about your nails. Jason, how did you get into ELT school?!!!


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