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Have any of you took advantage of your company's tuition assistance program? If so, how does it work? I have a B.S. in Finance and wouldn't mind persuing an online MBA (ya know, with all the free time I will have in ops, haha, but it's worth a shot). Curious to see what hoops, if any, you had to jump through.

My company does not pay for graduate degrees, though there is an educational assistance program that is basically designed to assist in getting undergrad degrees useful to the company.

It pretty much depends on the company as to how it works.  The two utilities I worked for required you to pay for the class up front.  You then got reimbursed when you could turn in paperwork showing you passed the class.  Some utilities also have arrangements with local colleges or the University of Phoenix to offer MBA programs onsite.  Check with your HR department to see what your company offers.

Check with your company, Mine only paid after the class. If I had a B they paid 50 percent and 80 percent for an A. It also had to be approved. No bowling, basketweaving etc.

BSA at Brookhaven offers 75% up front for undergraduate work and the additional 25% after graduation. 100% post grad work up front.


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