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How do I portray failing out of Nuke School positively in a resume?

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Good point by Jeff J...don't bring up the fact you failed.  Let them ask about it.  One thing I learned the hard way at prototype was to never volunteer more information than was being asked.  It was a good way to get thrown out of a check-out.  Same goes for job interviews and resumes. 

In the education section you list completed education (passed) in the experience section you may list your time and what you did at prototype. 

You will be asked what kind of a discharge you received and tell them.

They may ask what you did and be honest and tell them that you were a Surface Sonar Technician.  Don't even mention the Nuke School.

If it makes you feel any better the owner of my company failed out of nuke school, started a company when he got out and is now a multi-millionare with a private jet, he prefers to hire ex-navy nukes :)

Already Gone:
Absolutely do not dwell on this as a negative.  A resume is expected to list accomplishments and abilities - not to account for your time on Earth.  You did a fine job in the Navy, and you gained experience.  That is what you talk about.  Even though you didn't graduate NNPTU, ask yourself who would care about what you didn't, or couldn't, do?  A prospective employer is only concerned about what you can do - as demonstrated by what you did do.  Nobody is entitled to evaluate you as a person based on your resume, and nobody who thinks he is entitled is capable of making that assessment anyway.

Take the advice given above.  Your conscience should be clear on this, but it speaks of your character that you consider it as you do.

Thanks for your service.  Best of luck.


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