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Hey all, newbie here.  I will try to make a long story short, so here goes.  I got out of the navy after 12, went to work for some conventional plant for 2-3 years and finally finished by nuke eng. bachelors.  I am looking to get back into the civilian nuke power scene, and was wondering if anybody could suggest agencies or HR departments to contact to get started.  Thanks in advance.

The Son.

"If it ain't painful, it ain't worth it."

Roll Tide:
Congrats on your degree!

You need to be a little more specific: what jobs (HP / OPS / ENG / Maintenance) would you accept.
What areas of the country (or other countries) would you work? Do you want permanent or temporary assignments?

Look forward to more information.

Well, I was a 12 year EWS mechanic in the navy with an instructor tour.  My geographic preferences are pretty broad right at the moment, I have been looking in the New England area, but I am from the Minnesota area so that would also work well.  Basically the only area I am not fond of is down south.  As far as work goes, I would actually prefer to get into the training field, but from job openings I have seen, operations experience (i.e. SRO license) is generally required, so operations will probably be the thing.  Engineering jobs are nice, but most places I have seen are looking for master's degrees for their engineering slots, which rules me out.

I am still trying to figure out where I can fit or find a spot in the industry, so I guess I'm looking more for opinions/comments, although anyone willing to hire me on the spot is welcome to.


Roll Tide:
Look at the utility websites for Ops classes. They aren't done often, but they occasionally have instant SRO classes. Check back every week for new postings.

Also check the NRC website page at
The NRC often has openings for degreed engineers with little experience. I always scroll past Region I / III / headquarters positions, but you might like all of those.

Barring success there, you can get a slot in a non-licensed operator class and work your way up.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot, it's nice to find people who can just give good advice.  It's moments like this when I miss the navy.

The Son


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