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--- Quote from: Prairieson on May 12, 2004, 12:12 ---Thanks a lot, it's nice to find people who can just give good advice.  It's moments like this when I miss the navy.

The Son

--- End quote ---

If you miss the Navy, being a Nukeworker is the next best thing. There are plenty of people ready and willing to show you what their experience has been, and how you can do it with less pain.

Better yet, you don't have to wear bell-bottoms!


Take a jump at the NRC, or other government agency.  The Utilities may want to wine and dine you, but the atmosphere is dangerous!  The utilities will draw you in and give you the facade of a life long career, most are short lived!  Utilities are looking for the young and the new.  Most managers I know, simply figure they will jump into a job, then bail after about a year or two, take the money and run!  The government sector offers some security, advancement and a ton of bennies!

The navy and degree should give you quite the edge!

Good Luck 

Give Kewaunee a try. They are always hiring operators (or so it seems) I&C techs and need trainers (ops & maint). It's not Minnesota, but it's right next door. Less than an hour from football heaven (Lambeau -not the Metrodome).
Good Luck!

Try Ops, Unlike what Rad Ghost sayts Operations careers tend to be long, so long as you don't mess things up a lot. They spend way too much money on your training just to cut you loose.

I'm not sure on the Instant thing. I know some utilities wil hire for Instants off the street, but the majority of these people don't end up doing all that well. To be an Instant at Fermi2 you have to come from the Engineering Department or have a degree and come from Maintenance. In the 14 years I've been here we've never had an Instant who came off the Street, and of the 15 Instants we've had only one has ever made it to Shift Manager. Instant is a tough road to hoe unless you have previous commercial experience.

At my plant we don't require a Masters for Entry Level Engineering Positions. In fact most of our Engineers are usually people who were Summer Students here. Probably our best engineer is a female we hired in when she was 21. She was a summer student here, we liked her and prior to her getting her bachelors degree we had an agreement to hire her. One of the reasons we like summer students is we get a chance to evaluate them, they get paid a good wage, and we know when we hire them that they already know how the commercial game works. This engineer has been at my plant for 6 years now, I've been her "mentor" for 5 of them. I'm hoping she gets accepted into OPs because we just had an Instant SRO Bid. If not, we're not doing ourselves any favors by not making her at least an Engineering Supervisor.


Thanks again for all the advice.  As a matter of fact, I am working with NMC concerning all of their plants, as well as Entergy Northeast and Dominion (Millstone).  I would really appreciate any contacts or names anyone could give at any of these places.  I have been working my way through HR, but sometimes the messages get garbled a little, more info is never a bad thing.

Thanks Again,



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