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Fusion vs Fission

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Yes, mankind is a little like Moses. . .he could see the promised land but was not allowed to enter.  But the children of Israel did.  And so will all of us and our world will change with the success of fusion.  The reason it has not worked until now was we did not have the power to bring up fuel to the necessary 100 million degrees and contain the reaction long enough for fusion to happen.   With the Lasers at the LLNL they have it.  By getting the fusion reaction to work it is like studying the inside of the sun.  Once you get the process down, and I have seen it, where you fire the lasers with such precision that it compresses the target 1000 time evenly along with raising the temperature to 100 million degrees, it for a few billioneth of a second made a minature sun, fusion occurred, and neutron were released from the conversion of heavy hydrogen into helium.  It is all recorded on film.   The lab, so famous for so many other discoveries there, is on the verge of another.  It is like watching the Manhattan project all over, except not to destroy in a bomb, but to find a source of energy that is inexhaustible for the benefit of all mankind.  We should be glad it is American Technology at work and this job is not being "outsourced."

Someone has already made fusion work.  All you need to do is design an energy convertion system.  Refer to the picture below and when you come up with something, get back with me.


--- Quote from: Rennhack on Oct 02, 2009, 12:40 ---Tomorrow never comes.

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I stand corrected, I just passed a billboard for our local power company that owns the fission nuclear plant near my house.  the billboard announced that "Tomorrow is here".  It sure is for that space age of fission.  But fusion is stuck in the science fiction era.

IMHO, the main problem with fusion is we still don't have the theory right.  Back in the days of discovering neutrinos, the experimenters stated on more than one occasion that there were problems with the data they were retrieving - not the experimental models or the theories they were based on.  Then we put the solar observatory into orbit: When the data started coming in, the experts stated, "It can't do that!"  Personally, I'm not sure we should be flirting with the possibility of creating a singularity until the experts get a theory that fits instead of trying to fit the data into their theories.

I suppose if the cave men had smoke signal communication like the internet you all would argue "The Wheel:  What good is it!"

In Roman times:  "Why spend money on Research and Development, when we have slaves.  Those Barbarians will never pose a threat."

or more recent:  "Mr. Roosevelt, don't waste money on the Mahattan Project.   If we have to invade Japan someday to end the war, we will overwhelm them with numbers in an invasion.  A few more may die, but at least we will have saved some money."

The Moon, the greatest boondoggle of all time.   What did we gain?  A device we call the micro-computer which we seem to have found a use for.

We all have those questions in life, why are we here, how does the Universe work?   All nations that have abandoned dreaming and research find themselves in the dustbin of history.  With the squandoring of trillions of dollar it is nice to see we spend some of it on the future, not the "How can I profit in a week from this."   It is the short sided approach to our problems that have put us in the budget mess we are in.   This project was approved by liberals, wanting to find a way to end carbon emissions, and conservatives, how to turn water into money.   If it is successful both groups have made the long term commitment to achieve both.


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