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Reinforce Your MARSSIM DQOs in Your FSS Report


I have never really discussed the statistical software available for free on my website in this forum before.  The software was created years before MARSSIM ever existed and was accepted by the USDOE as a release method for research reactors and nuclear fuel facilities way way back in the olden days (1980).  It is still really useful for reinforcing that your MARSSIM DQOs were met with your surveys and sampling.  MARSSIM DQOs can be difficult to explain to people who are interested in whether your site is clean but are not MARSSIM or statistics experts.  The graphs that are produced by this software can tell the whole story with one look at them.  They can even help you detect if one of the survey instruments went bad during the survey and yet passed the quality checks all day (for instance if a cable was going bad and only gave bad readings when moved around and not while sitting still during background checks and source checks).

You can plot your soil lab data, scan survey results, or any and all of your data for each of your survey areas and produce nice plots to copy and paste into your final status survey report (FSS).   The only explanation of the software on my website for years has been the highly technical explanation of the statistical math of cumulative probability.  I have just written a new explanation of what the software is and what it does in layman’s terms.  If you have looked at the page before and not considered using the software, you should look again and read the new text.  The cool thing is that the software is free so it costs you nothing to check it out.

I was using it at my last job as a Rad Pro engineer on my MARSSIM final status survey reports and the regulators and our public neighbors loved the graphs.  One look at a graph can tell the same story that all of those other sections and paragraphs that you wrote, explaining how the MARSSIM DQOs were met do (picture = 1000 words, every picture tells a story).


There is a detailed help system included with the software but anyone who needs help with using to software and interpreting the graphs may feel free to contact me through the Rad Pro website contact page ( or through a NukeWorker PM.

yew still da man!

Attached is a spread sheet that I use for DQO's, it generates several charts. (I'm not offering instructions, or help)

Very nicely done, Mike.  I would have definitely found this a useful tool during my MARSSIM days.  Your graphs would also be useful visual aids for demonstrating DQOs in final status survey reports.  Thanks for sharing.  I will pass this on to my old team, although it looks as if they may farm the entire MARSSIM process out to contractors and just act as overseers.


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