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I'm looking to obtain a DOE position; however, things seem to be slow.....  Is this just me or is anyone else experiencing a hiring slowdown for DOE sites?

Shawnee Man:
It could be a couple of issues:

1) Depending on the site and type of work, the fall could be a slow time for them.

2) Not knowing your background, training expectations for DOE (10CFR835) is a lot more intensive than commercial. If someone has never been in that program, they are more likely to take someone who has (returnee).

3) The budgets for DOE are usually approved and released in October, so this could be a lag time between approval and funds reaching the different projects.

     I hope this helps your understanding.

Just a question, I applied for a couple DOE jobs from the ORNL website.  Was wondering if giving HR a call might help any to speed things up or will it be like honey on a cold day, sssssllllllooooooowwwwwww to get a response?

Carolina Jethro:
I have applied for several positions there over the past few years and never get a response. From talking to some insiders there most of the positions are filled from within but they are required by law to post them publicly. Best way to get in is to go as a contractor and maybe work your way in. i worked there for a couple of years on the BNFL project when pay was decent but now they are way behind other DOE sites in wages for RCT's.

It just depends on whom you are working for... ;D


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