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I just appplied for a job down at the nisky site as a RCT. Worked the the prototype a few years ago as an instructor a few years ago, and have been working away from nuclear power for the past 3 years. Having the itch to go back. Anyone have any experience working down there??  Like it? Hate it? What should I be expecting? Different from the Milton site? The same? Crappy pay? Good pay?


Well I think I can help a little on this but I have no idea which project you applied for as a RCT so I'll just give you my opinion on my experience on the SPRU project going on at KAPL and my experience with interacting with other RCT's at the other projects going on there.

Talking the with KAPL rad techs the pay is a bit lower than the DOE side of the fence and you need Article 108 training ( I could be wrong on this but all the RCT's I talked to had to take this training). Most RCT's I talked to there that did not come from the navy but recived the 108 training had a hard time getting used to the Navel way of doing things ( thier words not mine ).

There is a DOE Soil Remediation job going on in the Rail Bed Area that should be about done and the North Field Remediation should be started by now. The RCT's I talked with worked for Denuke and for the most part liked the job but they had to relocate in the winter due to the wonderful weather in upstate NY.

All I can say of the DOE Seperation Process Research Unit ( SPRU ) project is they could never pay me enough money or diem to return until it goes out for rebid and is awarded to a contractor that is not ARRA schedule driven and being pushed by people that have no idea what the REDOX and PUREX processes developed there left as waste in the process cells and tanks. ( I think almost every fission product known to man ).

If you are thinking of going to the DOE side of the fence at KAPL go to  http://www.spru.doe.gov it has alot of good information on the site




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